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How the UIP Umhlanga has added immense value to the Pearls of Umhlanga

23 September 2018, Sunday

Having started as an initiative by Umhlanga property owners, the Umhlanga Urban Improvement Precinct (UIP) helps ensure that the area retains and builds investment interest, supports healthy business activity, improves the safety of the community and contributes positively towards environmental sustainability. With the Pearls of Umhlanga being situated in the prime Umhlanga Village, the presence of Umhlanga UIP adds value to our residents, business travellers and local shoppers. Their presence has certainly upheld the Umhlanga property value and created an unsurpassed lifestyle environment.

Secure communities

The Umhlanga UIP is a community-based group that has teamed with local company Marshall Security, to ensure the safety of the Umhlanga residents and visitors. Their monthly operational reports give the community a holistic understanding of the different types of crimes committed, if there are any. It is very clear from their involvement, crime has reduced significantly, making Umhlanga a desirable place to live, work or visit. Those who reside in the Pearls of Umhlanga are not only kept secure through our own state-of-the-art security systems, they also have the presence of Umhlanga UIP for those moments when they venture out and about the Umhlanga area.

Upkeep of Umhlanga hotspots

From beach clean-ups to charity initiatives; the Umhlanga UIP gets involved with ensuring the Umhlanga area is maintained and looking tidy. Setting a precedent for other areas, Umhlanga boasts a clean beach and streets. Restaurants offer incredible experiences, homes like the Pearls of Umhlanga are grand and offer living like no other place in KZN, and the lifestyle is sophisticated, easy and relaxed. The Umhlanga UIP help keep this an attractive area.

Life at the Pearls of Umhlanga is opulent and sophisticated. Having an organisation like the UIP Umhlanga in this area, with the scope of work they do for the community, makes living in the heart of Umhlanga unrivalled.

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