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The Pearls of Umhlanga can only be described as rare, flawless, luxurious and valuable. This lavish residential resort, situated on KwaZulu Natal’s iconic coastline, is setting new standards for developments in South Africa and crafting a blueprint for the most opulent of lifestyles. Breathe in the energy of the sun-drenched shores of The Pearls of Umhlanga, and let the ocean shape your dreams and indulge you in an extraordinary lifestyle of exquisite design, surrounded by the rush of waves and the whisper of a sea breeze. The Pearls of Umhlanga, situated on North Coast of KwaZulu Natal, is a spectacular residential resort offering your choice of luxury apartments, duplexes and penthouses that will place you closer to the beach than any other development on the region’s most desirable stretch of coastline.

View of the Pearls from swimming pool deck

Couple running along Umhlanga beach just outside the Pearls

Women looking up at the Pearls, Umhlanga

Located in Umhlanga, a mere 10-minute drive from King Shaka International Airport, this bustling town is ideally positioned on KwaZulu Natal’s northern coastline, 16 kilometres from the vibrant Port City of Durban which is commonly referred to as the Gateway to Africa.

View from Chartwell Centre
View from Chartwell Centre
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View from Pearl Dawn
View from Pearl Dawn
Live Updates
View from Umhlanga Cabanas
View from Umhlanga Cabanas
Live Updates

View from Chartwell Centre

View of the Pearls from the Chartwell Centre

View from Pearl Dawn

View of the Pearls from Pearl Dawn

View from Umhlanga Cabanas

View of the Pearls from the Cabanas

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Video of the Pearls360 degree view of the Pearls




The Pearls Location Map